So Earl Sweatshirt And The Alechemist Just Dropped A New Tune!!!

A few hours ago Earl dropped a new tune with one of the greatest producers in the game right now, the Alchemist. Earl now apparently going by the name Swampman casually gave us a cheeky snippet of a new tune ’45’ presumably from his upcoming album – yet to be given a release date or name.

The tune features an awesome use of some pitched up trumpets and strings that create an excellent melody that is so nice on the ears it’s crazy. Earl comes in with some very nice wordplay and flow that we have come to expect from this outrageously talented young MC. I’ve seen in interviews with Earl before that he became unhappy with his previous album Doris because he felt that his voice and flow were too monotone, which I would have to agree to, even though I loved Doris from start to finish. Well I’m pleased to say that this isn’t the case on ’45’ his voice sounds far more animated than on previous efforts but thankfully he hasn’t sacrificed any of that brilliant wordplay and intelligence Earl is known for!

Give the snippet a listen, I love it and cannot wait for the full version to be released, so let us know what you think and check back regularly for more info on Earl’s upcoming album.

Will S x

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