Childhood: Sorry I’m Late To The Party

Yes, I Missed A Fantastic New Indie Album! Please Let Me Offer You The Dreamy Tones Of Childhood As A Peacemaker

Childhood are a band that I’ve always been aware of. In fact, last year I saw them live in Edinburgh supporting The Vaccines alongside Baby Strange. I’ve loaded much praise on the aforementioned Baby Strange and included them and Childhood in my top 3 alternative acts to look out for in 2015. However, Childhood beat me to the punchline and released their début album in September entitled Lacuna…oh how I’ve been missing out!

Spacey, dreamy, indie magic Lacuna is a true gem. The opening track and the band’s first big single ‘Blue Velvet’ is unbelievably reminiscent of The Stone Roses. Jangly, wailing guitar twangs and driving bass is scattered throughout the beautiful track. The vocals of Ben Romans-Hopcraft are, in the nicest way possible, the best moans I’ve heard since Morrissey in his heyday.

Sticking to that late ’80s, early ’90s sort of vibe Childhood are clearly heavily influenced by others like The Smiths and Primal Scream.

Other highlights on the album include ‘As I Am’ which is a stormer of a track full off haunting harmonies, grinding guitar and funky percussion. ‘Falls Away’ which incorporates the dulcet tones of Romans-Hopcraft, the deep guitar and bass tones from Leo Dobsen and Daniel Salamons respectively and tight drumming of Jonny Williams to perfection to create arguably the best track on Lacuna.

Another contender in this category would be the longest song on the 11-track record ‘Solemn Skies’. Joyously miserable, it starts off sounding so, so Nirvana then explodes into that all to familiar Stone Roses sound Childhood have working for them.

Although I was late to the party, it seems I was just in time to see the majestic London four-piece Childhood pull a blinder with Lacuna. The boys are currently touring with indie legend Johnny Marr and are sure to be the favourites of next year’s festival circuit – their sound is perfect for a boozy summer! 2015 is certain to be a big year for them.

Calum Woodger




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