Loving Forty-Four: Who Likes Free Music?

Scouting the internet far and wide for new music is a journey of constant discovery; hours spent absorbing different sounds yields some tracks that leave you tapping your foot, and dozens more that fall helplessly into the ‘skip’ pile. Once in a while you’ll come across a hidden gem that makes you wonder how on earth they snuck under the radar…

Loving Forty-Four are my most recent unearthed jewel, having released their second E.P Strip Me Dirty earlier this year, in August. Admittedly, I am a full two months late to the release party, but such is the lack of coverage given to the Romford alternative act – and I’m at a loss to explain why that is. Strip Me Dirty is short but sweet at four tracks, but each track showcases the band’s ability to hook you in and have you whistling their tune all day long, whether you like it or not.

Take ‘Sabretooth’, equipped with a deliciously bluesy riff that paces alongside the groove of the drums. It is the perfect beat to ease you into Loving Forty-Four’s sound – and is distinctly more casual than what follows. ‘Burn My Body’ ups the tempo and the volume, the vocals feel angrier and the guitars more in your face.

‘Cream’, my personal favourite, blends perfectly the qualities of the first two tracks; delivering effortless groove to a thumping combo of drums and guitars. Jamie Simes’ vocals have an eerie yet calming tone against the sense of dread built up by the guitars. It just feels so seedy…but you can’t turn it off.

‘Nicotine’ is similarly…uh…addictive, complete with thick grunge guitar riffs chugging and wailing, that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Nirvana record. It’s clear these guys have no trouble writing unbelievably catchy riffs, every song had me singing along. And the best part of all? All of this for FREE. So what are you waiting for?


One thought on “Loving Forty-Four: Who Likes Free Music?”

  1. Hey Sam! This is a great review. My name is Kali and I am Loving Forty-Four’s new manager. They are releasing their new EP on the 3rd of December and I was hoping you would take a listen to that one as well. Shoot me an email and I can send you over the link for the tracks. Here is their single, Beaten and Bruised.


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