New Album Review: Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

After a long wait, multiple mix-tape releases and two successful E.Ps Chris Webby comes out with a full studio album – is it any good?

For me Chris Webby is a bit like marmite, either you dig his extremely ‘white’ American style of rapping or you completely hate it and feel its just trying to be a Eminem imposter. But we have learned a few things over the past couple of years that leads us to accept this style. Firstly Billboard successes for white rappers such as Mac Miller, Macklemore and funnily enough Chris Webby. Secondly that it’s obvious when talent is staring you in the face. Granted some people may not like Webby’s style of music but you have to admire the man’s skills at freestyling, even when steaming drunk.

His debut album, Chemically Imbalanced, incorporates his style with new twist to keep the sound fresh. Not just rapping verses that make us think he’s full of himself or always wanting to party and get laid. This is obviously seen in the opening track ‘Nice 2 Be Back’. This mentions issues that he has faced being a white rapper from the burbs, not becoming a sellout, and thanking all the fans that listened to and supported him.


He of course has songs that challenge and inform the listeners. ‘Stand Up’ is probably the best example of this and the best song off the album in its entirety. It brings into mind the pollution done by corporate businesses that’s damaging the earth. The verses are incorporated by good lyrics, a smooth beat, impressive rapping, and a decent chorus. This song shows just how far Webby has come from rapping about weed and partying.

Webby has come out and delivered a solid album tailored to his fans and hopefully picking up some new fans on route. For me Webby needs to address his chorus singing. He is extremely good at creating and developing a strong rap and bringing you along for the ride. But he just can’t ‘sing’ the chorus…it just feels like filler and for me slightly ruins the track.

Overall I like what Webby has done here. He has managed to create something that sticks to his roots and begins to remove himself slightly from his pre-2010 days of rapping constantly about ‘the green’ or ‘popping molly’.


T x

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