Eddie Vedder Plays An Intimate Show To Help Cure Epidermolysis Bullosa

A Really, Really Intimate Show

As an independent musician of little to no consequence myself, I would almost kill for an audience of 90 people. Ironically, I would almost kill to have been granted an invitation to the show Eddie Vedder put on this past week in Seattle for 90 — yes, 90 —people in support of finding a cure for EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa). Don’t feel dumb, I had to look it up, too.

Presuming that the average Pearl Jam audience is approximately 15,000 people (this is a mostly arbitrary number that isn’t backed by any sort of meaningful research on my part), then this intimate gathering in Seattle was 166 times smaller than the average Pearl Jam show. And that ridiculous number is pretty much the reason this particular show is news. Imagine doing anything in your life 166 times less than normal. Maybe eat a 166 times smaller lunch portion; or watch TV 166 times less than normal. As for the latter, you probably wouldn’t be watching much TV. For the former, it probably means you’d be dead if you stuck to this principle for more than about a week. In short, this is kind of historic.

The setlist is all over the place, which is admittedly kind of the norm for Vedder solo gigs. That being said, this one has some especially rare takes — ‘Dead Man’ (Pearl Jam), ‘Take it With Me’ (Tom Waits). But even beyond those, with the exception of a few Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder tracks, the entire set is composed of tracks Vedder doesn’t pull out all that often: A rare set for an even rarer setup. It’s only appropriate, I guess.

The only thing I hope is that he chose to play the alternate version of ‘Better Man,’ which you can listen to below from the Bridge School Benefit back from 2010.

You can also donate to the EB cause by going here.

Brian Davis

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