Brand New Nas On A J Dilla Beat, Too Good For Words

It’s been a quiet week from us here at The Music Brewery, so we gotta apologise for that, but now we’re back and bringing you some outrageously good tunes for you to bump to. I’m coming at you with some brand new Nas killing it on the best producer ever, J Dilla’s famous ‘Gobstopper’ instrumental from the epic instrumental collection Donuts. The song ‘The Season’ will be coming from Nas’ upcoming as yet untitled new album.

When two greats of a genre come together it can go one of two ways, either it is an unbelievable success and a massive tune, or it can be hugely disappointing and drab affair that is more frustrating than anything else. However I am pleased to announce that this Nas and J Dilla collab is filthy good.

Nas dances and weaves his way through the ‘Gobstopper’ beat with ease. The storming trumpets and drums create a melody so catchy I defy anybody to listen to this song and then walk away without it stuck in your head. The beat very much has the feel of heading into the late great Dilla’s experimental stage with more electronic and futuristic sounds than we were used to! How unfair it is that some of the most talented musicians of our lifetime were taken so tragically young.

RIP The Late, Great J Dilla

Nas comes in with that signature focused, yet laid back appeal that we know and love, covering a variety of topics including his kids and lavish lifestyle. But to be honest here, the biggest part of this track is clearly the beat – it is majestic and a level above what most modern day producers could hope for.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Will S x

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