#TBT – An All-American Hero

I know what you’re all thinking: “it’s the most, wonderful time, of the yeeeeear”. Why? Because Christmas is approaching, that most wonderful time of joy and celebration? Hell no! It’s because it’s Throwback Thursday, and we’re here to rescue you from your boredom with some cracking oldies!

This time around I’ve settled for something that, generally speaking, flies in the face of my usual areas of interest. My song this tbt is by the one and only Hoodie Allen and is of course No Interruption’. Now whilst this, quite observably, isn’t a house track and hasn’t yet been remixed into one, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a song that I love with a passion – just ask any of my unfortunate house-mates from second year at uni!

Hoodie is an artist I’ve admired for some time now, and who’s new album People Keep Talking is something I desperately want to get my ear-teeth sunk in to. His strong production and fun, poppy lyrics appeal to me – very much an American college rapper who knows where his audience lie and how to sate the appetites of ‘The Hoodie Mob’.


This song in particular is a really upbeat fun track to listen to – with an amazing replay value. Certainly one to liven up your week a bit, it blends an alpha male vibe with the cocky attitude of someone who knows he’s churning out gold – and makes you feel like you can do pretty much anything you want to.

Also, with lyrics like; “I know it’s hard to be the type of dude you wanna be, because your girlfriend wanted me” it’s hard not to applaud Hoodie’s raw confidence! Do yourself a favour and check it out below.

Pete x

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