Back To An Absolute Cracker

“Thank God, you’re back! What musical treats have you brought us this time?!” – I hear you cry. Well, this week I’ve decided to look backwards a few months, to a song so good I can’t believe I haven’t put it on the blog yet.

This song is a chart-topper, and an absolute belter (in house terms), by Robin Schulz – it is, of course, ‘Prayer in C’. Whilst Robin has already stunned the house music lovers (which really should be everyone) with his earlier 2014 remix of Mr. Probz’s ‘Waves’, this song is a whole different kettle of fish (we’ll get to why in a bit).

Firstly though, credit where credit is due, the original song is by French alt-pop duo Lily Wood and the Prick – a band entertainingly named to reflect the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. Their influence is still heavily maintained throughout Robin’s remix, with the Spanish styled acoustic guitar and haunting vocals still highly prominent. What they created is fully deserving of recognition and is a truly beautiful piece of work.

However, what transformed it into its chart-topping form we now recognise is undoubtedly Robin’s influence. A deep groovy bass line complements the fact that Schulz decided not to build to a notable drop, but in fact dials it back when we would otherwise expect the drop. This combines with the original track to create an upbeat, mellow song that really makes you think of being on a beach somewhere.

It’s really not hard to understand why this one has done so well – come on Robin, send us some more eargasmic tracks!


Pete x

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