2014 Here To Be Heard Finalists: Huxtable

So what do you do when no one else turns up for your band practice? You simply form your own kick-ass band, just as Jordan Yates and Marc William Brown did.

Marc On Drums And Jordan On Guitar, Can You Feel Their Energy?

Now what started out as a bit of a joke, has turned into something so much bigger! They laughed about starting their own two piece band and they’re laughing even louder now, as they’re now almost fingertips away from supporting Biffy Clyro and Zane Lowe at Relentless Live in London on the 22nd November through the 2014 Here To Be Heard Competition.

It’s almost hard to believe that this small two piece band consisting of only a drummer and guitarist can make so much noise and have such a strong sound. Inspired and influenced by the likes of Queens of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, these two guys simply decided to drive their passions and make the most of a practice session that only the two of them turned up to, jokingly calling themselves ‘Huxtable’ as a homage to the family from The Cosby Show.

Jordan: “If we had any inclination that it wasn’t just going to be us making noise in that room then we may have taken the choosing of a name more seriously!”

When listening through their mini album entitled We Are Huxtable, it’s hard to believe when hearing their polished Southern American style rock songs that they’ve only really been gigging for just over a year together.

Jordan: “(We formed) June last year, we wrote a bunch of songs then Broono broke his arm in October – so we were on hiatus for 4 months. I came up with a whole bunch of new stuff whilst he was in his cast. He was ready to sit behind a kit again at the start of February. Which we were both nervous about because it was a serious break and the doctors weren’t sure if he would be able to play properly! But it was cool! We hit the studio, rehearsed like fuck and went out for a few shows with our friends This Familiar Smile.”

Now these guys actually hail from a town in Scotland called Kilmarnock, just as their idols Biffy Clyro do and upon being asked how this fantastic opportunity came about, they played it cool.

Marc: “Our manager basically put us in for the Relentless Comp. We just had to shoot a 60 second video with certain questions. They listened to our mini album and watched our video and here we are now.”

Jordan: “That’s pretty much it! I forgot we had entered actually!”

Now these guys are up against several other bands in this fantastic opportunity including: We Are Hunted, Asylums, Genziani’s Jukebox and Brightlight City, all quite notable bands who are talented in their own right. However Huxtable remain humble and good competitors:

Jordan: “Indeed whatever will happen is gonna happen. They are all excellent acts. I know it’s cheesy but we are all winners getting this far!”

Bless these wonderfully talented individuals, eh? Here’s their fantastic submission track ‘Attack’:

These guys will be heading down to the famous Denmark Street, in London on Sunday 26th October to perform a special show at the Relentless Base alongside the other finalists.

Check out all the other Here To Be Heard finalists and maybe even give Huxtable a wee like if you like what you hear:

hux xuties
Looking Good Guys, Sweet Logo!

Either way, we here at The Music Brewery wish these guys the best of luck!


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