Undiscovered: The Soulful Soundings Of Stereo Filth

The Dundee Blues Trio’s Début Single ‘Easy Way Out’ Exudes Quality And Class

Stereo-Filth (don’t forget the hyphen, I’ve changed this article countless times now!) have recently released ‘Easy Way Out’ via Soundcloud and it’s got us very excited here at The Music Brewery.

Featuring Sean Mcgouldrick (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Dale Easson (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Bob Anderson (Drums/Backing Vocals) the Dundee three piece formed out of the ashes of the much lauded R&B outfit The Boston Tea Party.

(L-R) Easson, Mcgouldrick and Anderson
(L-R) Easson, Mcgouldrick and Anderson

‘Easy Way Out’ is a fantastic début single which hopefully sets the standard high for the follow-up E.P of the same name. Opening with a rising and falling of collective vocals and the early indication of the guitar madness that is about to ensue. An electric riff from Mcgouldrick and smashing of drums from Anderson rounds of a top class intro as the boys race into the heart of the track. Mcgouldrick’s vocals are spot on for the style Stereo-Filth are trying to achieve – rich, bluesy and soulful. Hints of deep bass from Easson drip throughout the track and the drums are relentless.

The highlight though for me is the almost psychedelic guitar which drives the song on, culminating in and climaxing with an immense solo before the band return to that foot-stomping beat the track opened with.

10384906_1501539536777292_4835541463145075963_nThe Glasgow division of Team MB are going to be at the Junebug gig on Saturday so unfortunately we won’t have a presence at The Old Hairdressers where Stereo-Filth will take to the stage test-driving tracks for their up-coming E.P.

If you like what you hear below why don’t you go down and support the guys this weekend in Glasgow or if you’re in Stereo-Filth’s home town of Dundee you can see them tomorrow night at Club Redd.Tickets can be purchased for a mere £3 for Dundee here with a free single and Glasgow here with the same deal. Tickets are also available on the door but may cost a bit more so get them now!

For more information check out Stereo-Filth on Facebook and Twitter @StereoFilth.

Calum Woodger


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