The New Otis Redding? Introducing Leon Bridges

That is a big comparison right there in that title, but I think it is 100% justified once you listen to the soulful musings of Leon Bridges. His stunning vintage soul melodies and a voice so packed with soul and funk that it is almost unbelievable, Leon Bridges of Fort Worth, Texas is surely ready to conquer the world and maybe even the entire sonic universe.

I am sitting here writing this post and I don’t know what to say that will really justify how good Leon Bridges’ music is. Through my internet trawling for tunes I came across Leon on Soundcloud and my world has changed completely, his music is a throwback to one of my favourite times in music, the soulful period in the 50’s and 60’s. The perfect sound of Southern soul fills Leon’s songs, with his stunning vocals dominating the song yet not in a domineering manner, they perfectly compliment the classic old school R&B guitar riffs and drums that keep your head swaying along with the beat.

Despite only having two songs currently around on Soundcloud this has done nothing to dampen the excitement I have for this burgeoning artist, he sings with an experience that sounds well beyond his years. One of my favourite aspects of Leon’s music is that it actually sounds like it has been recorded back in the days of Otis Redding, there is a delightful rawness to it and really makes the song that much better, it makes you nostalgic even the first time you listen his amazing songs.

I genuinely don’t think much more needs to be said about this stunning, stunning artist, his talent is that of someone who is going to go right to the very top of the musical world. We can only hope and wait for more music very soon! But wait to top it all off the songs are available to download for free from his Soundcloud page!

Will S x

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