Preview: Bob Dylan’s ‘The Bootleg Series Volume 11: The Basement Tapes Complete’

While there is definitely monetary gain to be had for milking every corner of a legendary artist’s catalogue, it’s a little different with Bob Dylan. With each passing year (and each passing Bootleg Series entry), it becomes more and more astounding at just how prolific the man has been throughout his career. The latest testament to that prolificness is the upcoming 138-track (!) Bootleg Series Volume 11: The Basement Tapes Complete due out November 4. The full tracklist is here.

One of the reasons it’s different with Dylan is because he has such viably different eras to his career — something that continues to impress me even after being an established fan for several years, and something that The Bootleg Series is specifically aimed at unearthing.

Yahoo Music just released the album-specific version of ‘Don’t Ya Tell Henry for your listening pleasure, complete with plenty of New Orleans’ style flavour.

The “formal” studio album was released in 1975 and included sixteen songs performed by Dylan and The Band, and then an additional eight performed by only The Band. Despite some added overdubs, the recordings with Dylan mostly took place in 1967. The new upcoming release presumes to vomit out just about everything Bob Dylan and The Band did together around that time, painting the full picture of those sessions. Though most of the recordings have been circulating in fan circles for years, the tracks have all supposedly gone through careful and significant remasters.

It’s probably a fair bet to presume buried in something of such astounding length is some forgettable material, but there’s almost certainly going to be gems, too. And at this point in Dylan’s career excavation, the fact there are still gems to be found is equally astounding.

You can pre-order The Bootleg Series Volume 11 here.

And here’s a classic from The Basement Tapes (1975), just because.

Brian Davis


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