So True, So Good

This week’s tasty house treat comes courtesy of Vulture Records own Xander Milne, something of a stalwart for the label as he continues to create some truly terrific tunes. This time the Frenchman has teamed up with Kristy Marie, and it’s a pairing I for one am hoping to hear more from!


The song is called So True’, and it comes along with another top track named Stay Heavy’. Whilst also a great tune, with some strong deep vibes, this week’s focus is on the former track. This deliciously upbeat pop house beat is chock full of borderline aggressive piano jolts, which mixed with Kristy’s delightful voice really creates an intriguing juxtaposition. Not an everyday house song, it definitely has a dance vibe to it, but also has some well thought through lyrics, that one gets a sense were lovingly crafted.

This one’s definitely a winner in my eyes, and I think if you give it a listen, you’ll find yourself coming back for more and more.

Pete x


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