Single Review: Mr Mitch – Oh

Miles Mitchell is a resident at Boxed, a London party that’s also home to Logos, Slackk and Oil Gang, and the gathering partly credited with fomenting the recent wave of experimental grime. Like his counterparts, he’s a traditional grime lover who isn’t afraid to take the foundations of the genre and build new structures.

Mr Mitch has been on solid form over the past yearMr-Mitch with his increasingly brilliant productions on Run Music and his own Gobstopper label. Now he’s set to join the Planet Mu stable with a pair of releases, kicking off in November with the Don’t Leave EP ahead of his debut full-length, Parallel Memories.

The track ‘Oh’ is a perfect showcase of his exciting new artist’s genre busting style. With its melodic faded square waves, a floating bass, distorted kick blasts its everything you are expecting and also not expecting. What makes this guy exciting is his strive to create something that keeps with its roots but retains its own identity.

A great track to kick off the day.

T x

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