Not One, But Two Fantastic Collabs!

I just can’t believe there isn’t more hysteria surrounding High Contrast and Clare Maguire’s fantastically exhilarating double release of ‘Who’s Loving You’. As if one heart-pounding collaboration wasn’t enough they’ve also offered us a second serving by released not only a ‘Part 1’ but a ‘Part 2’ as well. And my word are they enjoyable!

What A Barnet!
What A Barnet!

The two tracks manage to stand alone and bring their own unique sound. ‘Part 1‘ feels like much more of a 50/50 split between the two artists with Clare Maguire’s powerful vocals superbly accompanying the hearty piano chords and huge chorus. Her voice is full of passion and she really hasn’t held back with this tune and absolutely belts out those lyrics. She sings with great gusto and emotion and is a really exciting star who we will be watching closely in the future.

If you’re after a bit more drum and bass then ‘Part 2’ will surely be up your street. It’s not just a casual remix of ‘Part 1’ but a completely unique song in its own right. It’s definitely more High Contrast centred but Clare’s vocals still manage to hold there own through this bassier offering. The trumpets a 1:10 are completely awe inspiring and give the song a calm and delicate nature before it finally drops into some proper drum and bass.

These are 2 fantastic tunes and checking them out now will be the best decision you’ll make this week.

I just can’t get enough of ‘Who’s Loving You Part 1′ but which is your favourite?

Will H x

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