Brand New Drake!

It’s always a big moment when some new Drake drops, no matter how we get it we are always grateful. So yesterday when some kid from Georgia uploaded a new Drake track to his Soundcloud everybody went nuts, and with no official word from Drake as to where it came from we can only speculate.

Either from his upcoming album Views From The 6 or a leftover from last year’s Nothing Was The Same, the track is still going to be a hit. I resisted posting about this immediately to give it a serious listen, and after listening to it many times I have to say I’m disappointed. I know I may receive some heat for that opinion but to be honest it just feels too easy for Drizzy on this track, it’s not something new from him, it sort of feels like same old same old for Drake. This does however make me think that it could be a leftover from Nothing Was The Same as it definitely has the slow tempo and general hallmarks of a song from that album.

It samples Jodeci’s ‘My Heart Belongs To You’ and it does this to great effect creating a nice melody that keeps you engaged throughout the tune. However as I said before it is too standard for Drake for this to be a new song for the new album, it may sound harsh all this criticism and if it were anybody else I would probably be saying that it is a massive tune. But this is Drake and we know what he is capable of and how far he could and how much he could mix it up but I don’t think this translates in the song. To be fair lyrically it is good and deeply personal discussing how a woman didn’t believe in him and the effect it had on him.

But enough of my harsh attitude listen to the tune yourself and decide what you think about it and let us know on Twitter or Facebook!!

Will S x

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