Afroman: Positively Mental

Have you seen Afroman recently? I haven’t. His existence hadn’t even crossed my mind apart from the occasional inebriated ‘Colt 45’ rendition. Despite this lack of presence it is clear time has not dulled his dual passions in life: maintaining a glorious afro and singing about cannabis.

Just a couple of days ago he released what could be one of the most sensational music videos of the year for a “positive” remix of his own song ‘Because I Got High’. 14 years after the original, this was clearly intended to be an educational video highlighting the benefits of marijuana after two US states legalised the recreational drug in recent years. What it actually turned out to be, however, will bring you both laughter and bemusement as you instantly recall the unforgettable tune.

In the music video, Afroman drives a sofa-car through a surburban setting, as extras dressed as the herb in question dance behind him and two mental-looking guys illustrate (with full props) the positive effects marijuana can have on a range of issues such as glaucoma, alcohol and nicotine addiction and the federal government’s tax receipts (referred to as ‘afronomics’ here on in).

That really is all there is to say about this video, apart from the obvious that he’s dishing out spliffs like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so incredible this author cannot do it anymore justice. Please check it out but TMB advises you strongly not to take any mind-altering substances before viewing, particularly near the end as Afroman rides his sofa through both space and the ocean riffing his little heart out on an invisible guitar as pro-legalisation hashtags flood the screen. I’m done here.

Barney. x

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