#TBT – The Original Iggy

Typing ‘Iggy’ into Google will yield a wall of results sending you to all things Iggy Azalea. However, if you search deep enough a far more exciting long blond haired Iggy can be found. It is of course, the ever shirtless, Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop is credited as the founder of the stage dive. and renowned the world over for some incredibly outrageous and shocking moments including vomiting and rolling in broken glass on stage. But behind all the mayhem there have been some fantastic rock songs to back up the carnage. The most famous is of course ‘The Passenger’  and it really is a proper piece of all time great rock.

A mad kind of genius
A Mad Kind Of Genius

It has a chorus that we all know and is a perfect driving song with it’s unrelenting beat and incredibly distinctive riff. Whenever it’s playing you just can’t help but join in with the “la la la’sas the song rolls on and on. With David Bowie taking charge of backup vocals it’s a song full of class.

Best played extremely loud, this is an absolute belter!

Will H x

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