#TBT: Neil Young – Tell Me Why

We’re Throwing You Back Over 40 Years This Thursday With A Sublime Track From A True Legend

From his classic breakthrough third album After The Goldrush (1970), ‘Tell Me Why’ is a poignantly beautiful album opener that sets the precedence for what follows.

Although Young has throughout his career primarily been an acoustic act: this track feels particularly stripped back. With the amazingly layered guitars from the Canadian and choral harmonies from his backing band it achieves a full sound despite the lack of instrumental input.

One of Young’s best songs lyrically it features some astonishingly beautiful lyrics that never fail to move me like “Tell me lies later, come and see me I’ll be around for a while/ I am lonely but you can free me all in the way that you smile.” The chorus itself where he pleads “Tell me why” is enough to evoke emotion even in the sternest listener.

After The Goldrush goes on to feature some of Young’s biggest hits like ‘Southern Man’ and ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’. In past the 40 years or so Young went on to cement himself as a music legend with releases like Harvest (1972), Comes a Time (1978), Freedom (1989) and Harvest Moon (1992).

Neil In His YOUNGER Days
Neil In His YOUNGER Days








At 68 and with 34 studio albums under his belt Young is still going strong, touring regularly and is set to release his latest piece of work Storytone as soon as November.

It’s a lifelong ambition of mine to see this man perform live, charismatic and witty as well as a great musician he is truly one of the greats. His recorded music will have to do for now, so please enjoy Neil Young and ‘Tell Me Why’.


Calum Woodger


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