#TBT – Naxxos And The Summer Of Deep House

Well it’s that magical time of the week again where we cast our minds and our ears back in time and revel in the glory of nostalgia. This week I’ve decided to only make a short time-hop, back to the summer of 2013 and the glorious advent of sax house (as you might be guessing, I’m a fan of the old sax house); the song? New Orleans’ by the truly sensational Naxxos.

This song really needs no introduction, because if you haven’t heard it you either lived under a rock last year or have no music taste (and thus won’t be reading this, so screw you anyway!). However, just because the article would end here otherwise, I’ll indulge you. Naxxos are an Austrian duo, Max and Chris. When they originally met (ostensibly at a music festival) they decided to partner up and experimented with various different genres until they found their calling with what they refer to as ‘four-on-the-floor’.


However, this particular gem is one of their best forays into sax house (following other huge sax house artists that summer like FAUL) – with a wildly upbeat tune, deep smooth sax and a bluesy vibe you actually feel you’re getting a sense of what it must be like to soak in the beauty of New Orleans.

So, for this #TBT treat yourself ad those around you to some sumptuously sexy, smooth sax house.

Pete x

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