#TBT ATB – 9pm (Till I Come)

‘9 PM (Till I Come)’ by the German dance producer André Tanneberger was the first song to feature the sound of a pitched guitar. Apparently Tanneberger was fooling around with his studio-equipment, while he was showing someone around. He liked the sound so much that it became his trademark, and a worldwide dance hit. ATBTo be honest we all must thank this ‘fooling around’ as he created one of the best and most iconic dance tracks of the 90’s. The single entered at number one in the UK for the week ending July 3, 1999 and stayed there for just under two weeks, quickly becoming the country’s fifth best-selling single of 1999, with around 850,000 copies sold.

The great thing with this track is that it can be viewed in two lights. Firstly you can easily chill out and relax, with its easy and addictive pitched guitar sound but on the flip side its a great track to have on before heading out. This an absolute classic – the sort of song that you still won’t be bored with when you keep playing it fifteen years from now. This is the song to  remember all those dancing-till-dawn holidays, hot Mediterranean nights, and nights out clubbing – this song is thee club anthem.


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