Alesso Produces Another Sensational Tune With Emerging Superstar Tove Lo

Two of Sweden’s biggest rising sensations combining was always going to produce a phenomenal sound. ‘Heroes (We Could Be)’ is a song from electronic dance producer Alesso and the delicate vocals of Tove Lo, and it really packs a punch.

Don't worry he hasn't tried to top this legend
Don’t worry he hasn’t tried to top this legend

If you think it sounds familiar that may be because the lyrics are taken from David Bowie’s classic ‘Heroes’ (1977). But don’t worry Alesso isn’t trying to better the all time great but has instead created a tune that stands alone. The song balances Alesso and Tove Lo’s strengths equally to make it feel equally at home being blasted out on huge club speakers or keeping you calm as you collapse onto the sofa to relax.

It has Alesso written all over it, with his unmistakably unique sound, it is sure to fuel his rising popularity. It capitalizes on the impressive vocals of Tove Lo which are truly captivating and put real feeling behind the songs lyrics. It is a song full of hope and euphoria exemplified by the powerful chord progression that drives the song to its tremendous climax. Even though the song contains an upbeat bass that could keep us partying until the early hours it also has a relaxing electronic quality that gives a perfect calming vibe

It’s a fantastic song to help us transition into autumn that little bit easier and is well worth the all too short 3 and a half minutes it takes to both equally pump you up and chill you out.

Will H x

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