Live: CHVRCHES In Review And A New Song!

Lauren Mayberry – we are in love with you. In fact, the world is in love with you. This is a confession, no, a declaration of love. Okay but really, rushed singing aside, CHVRCHES is one of the best shows you will see right now. Plus they’re one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands that promises new material in the imminent future.

First to address my singular qualm with the performance: Mayberry seemed to rush her lyrics at times – they didn’t always match the music produced by Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. This was only noticeable in a couple of the songs, but was most pronounced in ‘Recover’. Makes sense as its chorus provides little breathing time and the music timing is a bit unconventional, but it is something to improve on nonetheless.

Tonally, Mayberry was incredible. A siren even Odysseus wouldn’t ignore. Musically, Cook and Doherty were on point. The combination of music, vocals, and stage presence served to simultaneously enchant, awe, and electrify an otherwise stagnant audience (sorry Atlanta, y’all were boring).

The electro-pop trio started with the high energy ‘We Sink’. Mayberry, as sweet as she appears, repeatedly chanting “I’ll be a thorn in your side, till you die.” CHVRCHES continued with ‘Lies’ and ‘Lungs’ Mayberry insisting that we just won’t, rather, that we just can’t work out. Insert sad face.

Near the end of the show, Martin Doherty performed ‘Under The Tide’, one of the two songs from The Bones of What You Believe where he is lead vocalist, which served as a fantastic interlude between a great set and an even better ending. CHVRCHES pumped energy into the entire crowd with the pre-encore finale, ‘The Mother We Share’ bringing out the best in some of the worst (seriously, Atlanta), and went on to perform a new song they have labelled (and apparently re-labeled several times), Richard Pryor‘.

‘Richard Pryor’ follows a similar format both musically and lyrically as The Bones of What You Believe, implying that CHVRCHES don’t really feel the need to experiment on their next album. And why should they? That being said, CHVRCHES appear to have entered a transition period: experiencing identity crisis in both their personal and commercial identities. “Hold on to an idea / And we’re fighting what we can’t see / We just hold on to an idea / And we’ll go until we can’t hear.” Glasgow, Scotland based CHVRCHES has been travelling since early Spring 2013, when they first came to North America, and has undoubtedly grown during that time. We’re excited to see what’s coming next – until then, give ‘Richard Pryor’ a listen!


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