Thankfully, I DO Want To Talk About This

This week I’ve picked up on a brand new remix from Norway – and I mean every aspect of this one’s down to our Scandinavian friends.

Everyone with ears knows that Scandinavian countries are responsible for churning out some of the finest house producers and DJs of recent months, but even the backing track comes from renowned artist Marit Larsen, now well established on her solo career after attaining fame as part of M2M. The song in question, I Don’t Want to Talk About It’, is a delightful song in its own right without any doubt, with Marit’s hauntingly beautiful voice echoing through your ears, and some very well crafted piano chords that accentuate the feeling of remorseful reminiscence.


However, what Nelsaan and Matoma have done with this track is true art. By maintaining the integrity of the song, allowing Marit’s voice to shine through clearly, but adding a ‘Kygo-esque’ vibe, with bouncy chords and a more chilled out drum beat, they’ve made a sensationally relaxing and happy remix. What’s most bizarre to me is that the song is, as aforementioned, quite a sad song – how therefore, have I been left feeling happier at the end of listening to this?!

Put simply, even if Marit doesn’t want to talk about it, you will after hearing this – do yourself a favour!

Pete x

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