Smashing Our Way Into #TBT! Papa Roach – Last Resort

Coming at you with a bit of a curveball today for #TBT. Papa Roach first graced our ears in 1993 but really chart topping billboard success wasn’t until 2000 with their rap metal offering ‘Last Resort’.

Incredibly the album Infest made it’s way to No.5 in the billboard charts and was the 20th best selling album of 2000. These guys did so well in fact, their album went triple platinum. Now we may not all like their music but that’s an extremely respectable feat.

Papa Roach

The track ‘Last Resort’ brings memories flooding back from my childhood. The mixture between ‘rap’ (a definition which I tentatively use as lets face it its not really rap) and metal for some reason works in this case and has created a track which is list remarkably listenable now. Granted you may be listening as it brings back a certain level of nostalgia but all the same, 14 years on its still on your iTunes. Now lets face it these guys look like twats but that shouldn’t make you jump to conclusions regarding their other music. ‘But wait…what other music?’ This is exactly the issue that I have been confronted with, these guys were a monumental one hit wonder. Although like a resilient cockroach they have ploughed on releasing albums, their latest being in 2012.

Regardless of their lack of recent success: they still managed to create one of the best selling songs of the noughties and for that I applauded them.

Check them doing surprisingly well at Reading this summer!


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