#EarlyMorningEarworms – Kicking Off With A Classic From Elvis Costello

We know it’s the first post of this frosty autumn morning and your expecting to wake up to the customary Music Brewery Throwback Thursday but bare with, we have a new concept for you, and this week we’re still throwing you back to 1977.

A couple of our writers here came up with this concept of an Early Morning Earworm – a song that you just won’t be able to get out your head! You’ll be humming, singing and tapping your feet to the rhythm of this song all day at work; but of course the tunes are of the highest quality here at The Music Brewery and you won’t annoy your colleagues!

So, without further adieu we present to you Elvis Costello’s 1977 classic ‘Blame It On Cain’.

We challenge you not feel violated and infiltrated by this toe-tapping classic. From his début album My Aim Is True the master of new wave Elvis Costello soulfully croons the chorus “blame it on Cain, don’t blame it on me.” This along with the groovy guitar riffs and infectious solos make it a hard one to shift.


Calum Woodger


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