Model Aeroplanes @ Tenement Trail

As singer, Rory flipped his luscious hair, the horde of girls at the front of the stage all did a synchronised swoon…oh and their music was pretty good too.

I managed to catch these young guys playing this year’s Tenement Trail hosted by Glasgow’s very own Tenement TV and I was very impressed.  They’ve described their music as:

“Fun, fresh and honest music that you can drink cocktails to.”

Which is spot on I think, as their sound is full those infectious riffs reminiscent of the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and those ‘beach’ like grooves of Foals. Not bad for a “cliché group of four life long friends” from Dundee, eh?

feature model aeroplanes
The Four Guys: Ben Buist, Rory Fleming-Stewart, Grant Irvine & Kieran Smith.

What caught me the most about their performance was their contagious energy on stage! Whilst watching these four chaps, you simply couldn’t hold still: it was their simultaneous head bob that did it for me and made me want to move along with them. Their on stage chemistry is obvious, they live off each other’s energy on stage, leaving you with this satisfied feeling of watching ‘real’ friends have ‘real’ fun. Now, do I sound like enough of a fan girl yet?

Their most notable song ‘Electricity’ had plenty of summer vibes but again, it’s those wonderfully complex guitar riffs that keep the song from going ‘too stereotypically indie pop’.

These guys definitely have their sounds sussed out and I am excited to see where they go in several years time, I mean these guys are still teenagers but have already managed to appear on the likes of Radio 1 and have ‘Electricity’ on Vevo. I think they can definitely get away with mainstream success due to their large teenage audience, however without having to turn themselves into a living product.

Although, I do think I could be partial to a wee ‘Model Aeroplanes hairbrush’, they all have such great hair.


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