#SundaySoundtrack #1

#SundaySountrack coming at you straight into your ears! This is a new piece coming from all of us here at The Music Brewery, where we are dedicated to bringing you new music all the time. But for this post we thought it would be a good idea to share with you all our most played songs of the week, be it new or old just something to brighten up the hangover on Sundays with a nice variety of tunes.

Childish Gambino – ‘Sober’- So I thought I would kick things off here for the first ever #SundaySountrack with my favourite song and most played song of the week coming from my boy Childish Gambino, with ‘Sober’ which is off his brand new mixtape STNMTN/Kauai which will be reviewed shortly on here! It’s seriously chill tune with epic vocals, so check it.

Will S x

alt-J – ‘Lovely Day’ – this bonus track off of their new album ‘This Is All Yours’ is an amazingly original cover of the classic Bill Withers song. I didn’t even realise this was a cover due to the distinctive alt-J sombre tones and electronic beats – I thought it was one of their own!

Listen here!

Calum Woodger

Sam Smith – ‘I’m Not the Only One’ – I can’t seem to get enough of this track at the moment. The entire album in my opinion is sheer genius but this song just works beautifully. The emotion and passion that you hear in his voice seems brutally real and makes the song a story and event rather than a passing listen you wont remember in 10 minutes. I like how the music is stripped pretty bare and each instrument complements one another. So regardless of place, be that driving in the car, commuting to work or relaxing at home on the weekend, this track has been played most days. Easily for me 10/10 from start to finish.


The Coral – ‘Dreaming of You’ – You can’t help but move your head to the solo riff towards the middle of the song!

Grant Reid

Spoon – ‘Inside Out’ – Nice bit of borderline psychedelic indie rock with the sublime use of synthesisers to help cure that Sunday hangover “Chill without losing the cool edge”


Jose Gonzales (Filous and Mount remix) – ‘Heartbeats – Because it keeps the integrity of the song through the verses but puts a unique chilled stamp if it’s own on the chorus.

Pete x

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – ‘White Walls’ – Been playing it non-stop for about a month. Love the sound of Hollis’ vocals and you just can’t go wrong with a little Schoolboy Q.

Will H x

Jamie T – ‘The Prophet’ – Mournful and catchy: a good example of the change of style of the album. Powerful lyrics and showing a lot more soul in a personal sense.

Barney Greenish

Weezer- ‘Lonely Girl’ – Off their upcoming album, sounds a lot like ‘Buddy Holly’ and is ridiculously catchy, review of their excellent new album coming soon!


The Cranberries – ‘Zombie’ – That song you will whistle for days to come. The Cranberries, an Irish institution, political movement and musical marvel!

John Wight

So there we have it some of our favourite songs of the week! Get listening and let us know what you think, and comment on Facebook or Twitter your favourite track of the week!

The Music Brewery squad x

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