Ricky Gervais’ David Brent Returns But Not As You May Have Guessed

Performing Live at The Bloomsbury Theatre
Performing Live at The Bloomsbury Theatre

To the adulation of all who loved The Office, David Brent is back! The ex-office manager has just released a studio demo of his brand new single ‘Slough’, dedicated to his beloved hometown. And I’m not sure if there’s something in the water but I actually rather enjoyed it.

Before I even listened to the track I was slightly light headed with excitement at the prospect of a return of the world’s most famous boss. With a rocking electric guitar heart and a soft orchestral finish it’s exactly what all Brent fans could have hoped for.

To those who are familiar with David Brent they will of course know that this is not our first taste of his musical mind. In The Office itself we had samples of ‘Freelove Freeway’ and ‘Spaceman Came Down’ which gave us our first insight into Brent’s alter-ego. And over the past year or so the return has slowly been building, with Ricky’s YouTube series, ‘Learn Guitar With David Brent’ and then a full concert at the Bloomsbury Theatre last year, performed with Brent’s band Foregone Conclusion.

Would you visit?
Would you visit?

To the residents of Slough don’t worry this isn’t another John Betjeman, hurling insults at the town, this is actually a fond ballad to the Berkshire town as Brent softly sings “Slough. My kind of town.” It is hauntingly beautiful and may even tempt a few people to visit, although I can’t say that I’m fully convinced myself.

Next year Brent will well and truly be back in a new on screen mockumentary called Life On The Road, which will focus on his burgeoning musical career as he attempts to get his life back on track. So prepare yourself for even more cringing and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for some more of these delightful tunes, that may not be classics but will at least brighten up our days and hopefully put a smile on our faces.

Will H x

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