Drake Combined With Kendrick Lamar = Jon Waltz

Pretty big comparison for a relatively unknown entity in Jon Waltz, a young MC hailing from Memphis in the USA. But he is currently living up to the hype.

‘Bang (Left My Home)’ my favourite Jon Waltz song, dat hook tho…

I first discovered Jon Waltz a year or two ago through his song ‘Bang‘ an excellent song with a great beat and lyrical flow combined with Waltz’ most impressive ability to create amazingly catchy hooks that would make Drake envious!! The influence of both Kendrick Lamar and Drake is very evident, utilising a flow and story telling ability found in Kendrick’s music and then the singing, hooks and and style of Drake. This isn’t to say, however, that he is merely copying and imitating them, he has been influenced by them but retains his own personality and style.

As I said before ‘Bang‘ is the song I found first and loved, this continues through to today! It’s still my favourite song of Jon Waltz, as mentioned before the hook is amazing and is continuously stuck in my head in the best way. The first time I heard it, it was still in a rough version but it has been updated and the edges rounded, and it still holds up as being an excellent tune. Other highlights thus far include ‘Home’ a track that displays Jon Waltz’ maturity and ability to look at things with a wisdom beyond his tender years. My other highlight is the recently released ‘College Girl’ that has a great beat and nice different flow from Jon Waltz. All of these are building a huge amount of anticipation and excitement for his upcoming project Alyss.

‘Home’ left out of the upcoming Alyss but nevertheless a great preview of what’s to come!

Give all these tunes a listen you won’t be disappointed, and you will no doubt understand the comparisons of Drake and Kendrick Lamar! Keep an ear open for Jon Waltz he is clearly going places and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some high class collaborations in the near future! Remember to keep checking back for updates on Jon Waltz and his upcoming Alyss project!

Will S x

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