Don’t Let the System Bring You Down

This week an excellent new remix has entered the topical house circles, and it’s going platinum. As anyone who’s read my blog posts will know, I have become deeply attached to tropical house remixes over the past months, and so it’s always pleasing to me to hear it done in an innovative manner. This week, LEEX, the German born DJ has expanded out of his usual hunting ground of deep house, and boy has he done it in style!

The remixed song in question is Mattafix’s ‘Big City Life’, which won the UK duo the 2006 Sopot International Song Festival. The song has a distinctly urban feel to it, and the steel drum inspired rhythm (from Preetesh primarily) gives a delightful reggae twist to the tune.

The Urban Landscape LEEX Captures So Well

LEEX has done a top job in synthesising this urban feel into a bouncy tropical house track, which is no mean feat. Add onto that the calming breakdowns where the original clearly shines through, and you get a  sumptuously balanced blend of remix and original. Listening to this song, the lyrics that really shine through for me are “Don’t let the system get you down” – the idea that for many of us venturing out into the big wide world, there is still the option to stay true to yourself. And to be honest, that’s the most I can ask to get out of any song!

Listen to the Big City Life Remix here!

Pete x

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