He Is The Ressurection: The Return Of Jamie T

The Man Some Thought Was DEAD Is Back With His Stunning Third Album ‘Carry On The Grudge’

“It was a weird concept, hearing people say I’d died. People would call me up and be like ‘Oh God, I’m so glad you’re not dead.’ I was like ‘If you thought I was dead, why did you call me?’…Weird concept to call up a fucking dead person.”

That was Jamie T talking about his ‘death’ in a recent edition of NME in a way only Jamie Treays can.

The loveable rogue, the working class poet, call him what you will: what is undeniable though is that Jamie T stands alone in the UK indie music scene as a completely original artist.

Treays first two albums Panic Prevention (2007) and Kings & Queens (2009) truly captured the mood of a generation. Painting vivid images of the mundane – his talent is unique. Tracks like ‘Sheila’, ‘Salvador’, and ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’ stir something within me, a sort of empathy, but not always a negative feeling. His songs were full-blown stories with plot, sub-text, complex characters and drama.

Carry On The Grudge takes the Wimbledon man down a new path on his musical journey after a five year absence. No less realistic, no less dramatic and if anything better than his first two efforts – yes Jamie T is back with a bang!

Jamie T Is Back And I Suggest You Give This A Listen!
Jamie T Is Back And I Suggest You Give This A Listen!

To start off though Jamie T breaks us in gently with a heartfelt dark song of woeful love that is Limits Lie’ which is probably the best track on the whole album. Trying to create a love song that was “beautiful…but underneath…fucking scathing” Treays came up with “Remember me forever, I’m the weather, my tears are the rain” – a powerful lyric if I’ve ever heard one.

Second single from the album, which T recorded just after touring Kings & Queens‘Don’t You Find’ delves further into the darkness of his new material. Introspective, fully utilising electronic drum beats and with the makings of a cult hit ‘Don’t You Find’ is right up there with 2007 vintage T.

Harking back to Kings & Queens ‘Turn On The Light’ is trippy, funky, yet slow and tinged with pain – “I’m just another lover to a friend”.

Lead single ‘Zombie’ doesn’t disappoint and is worthy of being the track that leads Jamie T into a new era. Massively infectious (like the zombie virus that decays T and his band in the video) it starts off slow but suddenly springs into life with grinding, jangly guitar riffs. Incredibly catchy, it has the makings of a festival favourite. It’s maybe not some of his best songwriting lyrically but it’s poppy, accessible and has wide appeal whilst still maintaining that special something that makes it a work of Jamie T art. Full lowdown on ‘Zombie’ from my esteemed colleague Barney Greenish here.

Following on ‘The Prophet’ is a thinly-veiled political commentary around adolescence. Slow and teasing – a great track. WARNING! There is no filler on this album.

Cracking out the acoustic guitar for the first time on the album, which for me is when Jamie T is at his best – see ‘Back In The Game’‘Mary Lee’ veers from the dark theme the album takes. A sort of coming-of-age tune it features some tasty riffs and harmonic samples. If you like this just wait for ‘Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away’ – devilishly poignant.

‘Trouble’, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Peter’ pick up the speed of the record again and are far more brooding and rocky – almost punk in their nature.

With perhaps his most adventerous song from his comeback album ‘They Told Me It Rained’ uses electronic samples and delivers some great lyrics like “Between the birth cry and the death wail there’s just houses, so lavish in your anguish”. 

A marvellous comeback from Jamie T. That’s what we think, what about his hardcore fans? We checked out Twitter and came up with this:

Jack Phillips (@JPippin) said – “The new Jamie T album is impressive, and actually worthy of the hype surrounding it.”

and Nathan Patten (@NathaN_P85) added – “Carry On The Grudge is well worth the 5 year wait, superb album. Can’t wait to see Jamie T in November now.”

Thanks for reading, now BUY IT!

Calum Woodger

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