You Need To Check These Guys Out – Dolomite Minor

Rock duos appear to be all the rage at the moment- the success of long standing The Black Keys as well as newcomers like Royal Blood have demonstrated the popularity/trendiness of the two piece. Continuing in that vein, I proudly  introduce you to Dolomite Minor.


Originating from Southampton, Dolomite Minor released their debut EP, The Velvet Print, two years ago now and blessed Reading festival earlier this August with their thick, rolling riffs. Let Me Go shows off the band’s full flavoured sound as vocalist/guitarist Joe Grimshaw recounts the story of a night wandering about town with his deep, almost blasé tone.

Returning this year with a new track, Talk Like an Aztec, Dolomite Minor showcase their darker side; the blaring guitars remain but let out an tenser, edgier sound akin to that of Queens of The Stone Age. A tuneful opening creeps along before Dolomite’s grinding guitars smash it aside with a drop well suited to festival mosh pits. It is a challenge not shout together with Grimshaw when he utters “Talk like an aztec”, so catchy is the line.

With no new work on the immediate horizon, we may be waiting a while to hear more from this promising duo, but stay tuned, because they have all the ingredients to blow us out of the water.


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