In Need Of A Break From Work? Get Stuck Into This Track From Klaves!

So I’m new to the music of Klaves as I think are quite a lot of the music community…but Jesus have we been missing out. If you are one of the lucky ones who have been up to date with Klaves then hats off to you. In his music he combines complex chords with lots of vocal samples to create something instantly re-listenable.

This chap hails from Poland and is really picking up momentum in recently months. The 21 year old was supporting Jessie Ware on the 25th September was a momentous occasion for a growing and developing artist and from the reviews I have read his set went down a storm.

This new track ‘Glass Animals – Gooey (Klaves Bootleg)’ as you can see is a bootleg done by the maestro himself. What I like about this track is you can see Klaves musical influences shining through. Both classical and house undertones are evident throughout, from the classic baseline to the more euphoric higher cords this track is a real joy to listen to. Its a nice change from the classic little known artists creating generic chill house. This track feels far more slick and professional. Klaves has taken the original track by Glass Animals, kept its originality and I personally feel has added a whole new dimension…its better in my opinion!

This is the perfect lunch time track to keep you soldiering on till 5:30pm!




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