Ryan Adams Live @ The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

American Rocker Adams Gives Adoring Glasgow Crowd MORE Than Something Good!

After the recent release of his self-titled 14th album that put his three year hiatus to an end Ryan Adams was clearly back to his best based on last night’s performance. Strutting, full of confidence and  with the audience in the palm of his hand, his set was exhilarating, haunting and funny in equal measures.

Opening with lead single ‘Gimme Something Good’ from the new album Adams and his flawless band started with a bang! Grinding guitars and pain-tinged vocals set the tone for the night ahead. The band quickly raced on to play two further tracks from ‘Ryan Adams’ sandwiching ‘Let It Ride‘ a song Adams recorded with The Cardinals‘I Just Might’ and ‘Stay With Me’ aren’t merely album fillers – no Ryan Adams songs ever are – they’re a couple of emotional, melancholic gems in line with the excellence that is consistent throughout the whole record.

Having never seen him live before it seemed at the begin that Adams wasn’t going to be a talker, as it transpired though he could’ve easily had as successful a career as a stand-up comedian as he’s had as a musician. Dry, witty and full of quick retorts Adams almost started a rant about the use of mobile technology at gigs before he realised the light that put him off his stride during ‘Stay With Me’ was from a security guard’s flashlight. This then led to comic musings on various subjects such as Star Wars, encores and apps before it all culminated in some improv as Adams serenaded his tormenter in chief with ‘Security Guard Stage Right’. Maybe one for the new album Ryan?

Adams Was On Top Form!
Adams Was On Top Form! (Image by Will Leitch)

Adams’ continued to mix in old classics from his first two albums like the epic stripped-down version of ‘New York, New York’ and ‘Why Do They Leave?’ from his début with new tracks like ‘Trouble’ and the beautiful ‘My Wrecking Ball’. Saving the best for last Adams and his band capped off a great set with three barnstorming tracks. My personal favourite from the new album ‘Kim’ was outstanding live. Atmospheric, haunting and enchanting is what springs to mind when I come to describe ‘Kim’– one of Adams’ best ever.

Following the alternative encore in which Adams instructed the crowd to hold a single note for ten seconds instead of leaving the stage – he ended on two classics. From the 2001 album ‘Gold’ Adams played ‘La Cienega Just Smiled’ and ‘Come Pick Me Up’ from ‘Heartbreaker’. The perfect ending to a stunning show.

Check out the full setlist here.

Calum Woodger


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