#TBT What Else For September Than September?

Aaaaah Throwback Thursday we meet again… it’s been too long. I am returning with an absolute certified classic banger guaranteed to get the party going.

What is that song I hear you ask, well none of than ‘September’ by the eternal Earth, Wind and Fire. Now I know I say this a lot on Thursdays, that “everybody knows the song”, well this week it really is true! Even people who initially say “nope never heard of it” will instantly realise their mistake as soon as the opening guitar riff comes in.

It’s definitely my favourite Earth, Wind and Fire song, and we love it over here at The Music Brewery. Coming from Earth, Wind and Fire’s 1978 The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire,Vol 1.. It is the ultimate party song, after work on a Friday song, birthday song, you name it any sort of celebration it’s a classic.

So enjoy it especially now in the last few days of September, and always remember “Party hard, dancing in September”.

Will S x

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