Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind – 23 Years On #TBT

Yesterday marked the 23rd birthday of Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind, the album that propelled the American grunge outfit to fame- so what better way to celebrate than to dig out the old copy and engage in some nostalgia?

Nevermind would go on to become the band’s most successful album and sell over 10 million copies in the US alone. But it’s impact was more profound than that – it exposed alternative rock to the mainstream, leading many to see Kurt Cobain as the icon for a whole new generation. The frontman’s abrasive vocals became unmistakable.

“Come as you are”, “Lithium” and “In Bloom” were all released singles from Nevermind, but none topped the success achieved by “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Four and a half minutes of pure grunge aggression – from its infectious opening riff to some stellar drumwork from a young faced Dave Grohl’s, it remains to this day as fresh as ever.

Everything that could be said about this trio already has been, so all that remains is to enjoy the best that Nevermind has to offer.

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