Coldplay / T.I / B.O.B. A Truly Uplifiting Throwback To Start The Day #TBT

This track comes from not so far back, 2011 to be precise, and shows B.o.B in what I would class to be his element. His latest offerings over the past couple of years have been really lacking in comparison to his 2010 release ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’.

The album was jam packed full of some massive hits from the likes of ‘Airplanes’, ‘Airplanes II’ and ‘Magic’, all rocketing to the Top 10 in many country’s world over.

Never Lost ft Coldplay & T.I  was never officially release to the mainstream due to legality issues with sampling and not having those sorted out on time, but it was ‘leaked’ and is one of my favourite tracks by this Georgian based hip-hop artist. I’m a big fan of the sample of Coldplays ‘Lost’ here and think it works well with both B.o.B’s quite mellow vocals. I liked how B.o.B back in 2010 was experimenting with different sounds and different samples not pigeon holing himself in one direction like so many. But his achilies heal for me is he became very pop slightly too quickly. He exploded onto the scene and people potentially overlooked his raw ability and just took him for another mainstream chart topper. Hopefully in his next release we will see him reverting back to his older style of music.

But in the mean time kick back and relax with this one!


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