Are You Ready For Some Vietnam Rock?

No, This Is Not A Joke, But It’s Also Not From The Far East…

CCR Had An Undeniable Connection With The Vietnam War
CCR Had An Undeniable Connection With The Vietnam War

My second Throwback Thursday of the day in fact comes from America’s west coast and the founding fathers of Southern Rock – Creedence Clearwater Revival. Creedence started out life in the middle of the Vietnam War in 1967 and were still going five years later as American troops started to leave the terrible conflict in 1972.

Although not all their songs are explicitly about the war Creedence’s music is synonymous with the conflict and was a favourite of the troops. Used in many Vietnam movies and documentaries their brand of swamp rock transferred perfectly to the marshlands much of the war was fought on.

‘Green River’ from their 1969 album of the same name displays this swamp rock sound perfectly. The reverberating, twanging guitars and John Fogerty’s growling vocals are intoxicating. The song has a powerful affect on me – not only does it feel very poignant and powerful, but at the same time due to their soul and blues influences makes me want to dance.

After a major dispute over ownership rights Fogerty left the band in 1970, of which his brother Tom was a part of, until they ceased to exist come 1972. A short existence, but an unbelievable influence on some great bands since then such as The Black Crowes, Kings of Leon and Whiskeytown. Creedence we are forever in your debt!

Enjoy and stay tuned for many more tbt’s throughout the day from The Music Brewery!

Calum Woodger


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