New Artist Alert: Litany

Running a site such as ours requires a lot of time listening to music and trawling through Soundcloud, Youtube and wherever else! Through this time quite a large amount of music seems to blend into one, one song or it could all be by the same artist, but eventually something pops up that grabs your attention, makes you want to listen to more and find out more about the artist, and so that for me today was English duo Litany.

Litany is an experimental, electro, chill duo from Harrogate in England, made up by Beth Cornell and Jake Nicolaides, both 20 years old. A combination of brilliant James Blake inspired production from Jake and some truly beautiful vocals provided by Beth, they compliment each other perfectly. Perhaps surprisingly for a duo who have only released two songs so far, is how complete the song feels. In my opinion it is really difficult for up and coming artists to immediately sound as if they mastered their craft, but in Litany we have found it. The layered synths, trap style drums and big rises and falls, all sound as though someone with far greater experience would have made them. The same applies to the vocals from Beth they are stunning and draw you in at times it is hypnotic in the best possible way. It all seems so effortless for them!

With only two tracks released up to this point, Slopes and Look, we haven’t had enough tunes to know where they are heading, but if they continue in this way success is definitely on the horizon

Will S x

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