Calvin Harris vs Two Door Cinema Club = Rescue Me, Glasgow’s Newest Sound!

Cumbernauld may not have a lot to shout about. Scotland’s fifth-largest town boasts fame for its location for the Bill Forsyth film Gregory’s Girl and for accommodating Jon Fratelli through his early life. But there may be something new to shout about.

Rescue Me are a project by the Stewart brothers: frontman and guitarist Scott and his recording partner David. Unusually their live-band consists of only Scott and drummer Damien Hendry (aka. Ocean of You and from Fluorescent Hearts fame) with a heavy backing track, described boldly by their frontman as “Calvin Harris vs Two Door Cinema Club”.


September provided a lot of firsts for Rescue Me. Their first gig at Cumbernauld’s The Circle venue is this Saturday (September 27th) where they will be previewing songs from their debut album, including their first single Sillhouette (which you can preview and download for free here). For me this sounded more like a modest Autumn tune than an anthemic Summer song, but it boasts a lot of promise. There are parts of the song that don’t sound as tightly produced as it should and the rhythm is slightly lost but the young Glaswegians do have the potential to break out of the indie-dance scene: a current movement in youth music. Experimenting seems to be the key component for these lads from Cumbernauld, who have plenty of recording and live experience from previous rock and acoustic set-ups. They remind me personally of Chvrches, who also got their name playing local Glasgow clubs, and if these guys can replicate their success they are looking at a momentous few years ahead of them.

Still in their evolutionary stage, this two-piece band offer an alternative to the recycled and refurbished sounds of many mainstream coefficients. Although much isn’t known about their project, these guys definitely have the determination to achieve their ambitions. Remember to like them on Facebook for all the latest developments from the Rescue Me guys!

Grant Reid

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