Boom Here Comes The NeruhvianDOOM – Caskets

NehruvianDOOM, the combination of Bishop Nehru and the villainous, mysterious MF DOOM, have dropped another tune for us all to fixate over from their upcoming effort NeruhvianDOOM releasing on the 6th October in the UK and on the 7th in the US.

NehruvianDOOM Cover Art, The Full Album Coming Soon 6th October!

But now back to the track! It is classic DOOM, an ambiguous sample to start things off followed by a mysterious and villainous beat that is without doubt a signature DOOM beat. DOOM kicks us off again with some classic DOOM wordplay and rhyme schemes, his lyrics and flow are quite simply unbelievably good. It all sounds so easy when he constructs a verse, but in reality it is a genius that the majority will find difficult to comprehend. Immediately after Bishop comes in to give his best to compete with the master, and to be honest he does extremely well. My one fear for this joint project between these two extremely talented artists, would be that Bishop Nehru gets out-shined by DOOM and overlooked by many, but in this song alone I think it will be an even contest where both compliment each other rather than crush the other! But competition is always good so let’s hope there has been at least little while making the album.

DOOM Is Just Too Cool…

With all this being said give it a listen and as a bonus I’m gonna include another song from NehruvianDOOM – Darkness which was actually one of my top ten tracks of the year! I am super excited about this album it’s definitely going to be one of the best of the year.

Will S x

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