Already Bored With Tuesday? This Louis Mattrs Track Will Lift You Back Up!

Todays music scene is inundated with some amazing tracks. It seems like everyday we are treated so some amazing new sounds from new and unsigned artists. But through all this new and exciting music we get glimmers of some artists and tracks that, for me anyway, are the real stand out artists.

Louis Mattrs is a singer, song writer and producer based out of Brighton and has now been creating music for a few years. His debut EP ‘Beachy Head’ was extremely impressive, consisting of only five tracks each track on their own are of a phenomenal level and deserve much more exposure then they received in 2013.

Mattrs latest offering ‘Oops X Wus Good’ is equally as impressive, personally I think its up there with being his best work to date. His vocals throughout his track are flawless and he draws us through this mash of jazzy notes and ‘garagesque’ break beats with ease. What impresses me most is that this track brings back memories of old-school garage tracks but somehow he has managed to create a sound that his unique but familiar This guy is set for big things, get listening and following now!

Brighten up your dull Tuesday with this cracker.

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