Tijuana Bibles – Crucifixion

Local Glasgow band Tijuana Bibles here to blow your mind with another great track.

Classic festival four shot.

Crucifixion released early this summer is the epitome of their music career thus far.
With what can only be described as a delicious guitar prelude, this song starts off with a kick of vintage strings, akin to any 60’s Rock and roll band.
This song follows their way with an almost stone roses feel and attitude. Giving the listener a modern take on what rock used to be like.

Tijuana Bibles as a band are as down to earth as you would like. Still frequently playing their local scene whilst featuring at many of the major festivals this summer. As luck would have it I managed to catch the end of their set at 2014 TITP, which made me regret not making my way down earlier. Capturing the crowd was as easy as you can get, which surprised all considering they were one of the first acts to kick off the day.

Tijuana Bibles released new single ‘Crucifixion’ off the back of their recent free download ‘Toledo‘, which saw them win support from the likes of NME and Q Magazine. Carrying the same red-blooded Southern-fried energy that propelled ‘Toledo‘ into a wall of aggressive energy, ‘Crucifixion‘ is an exciting cut of rock courtesy of Scotland.

Tijuana Bibles – keep your eyes peeled, these guys are special.


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