#TBT: Freak Out!

It’s well known that Thursday, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, translates to the modern-day meaning of ‘disco’. With this in mind, it would be rude not to go the whole of this Thursday without listening to ‘Le Freak’ by Chic. Released in 1978, this chart-topping classic became one of the most popular, successful and influential hits of the disco era.

Nile Rodgers, a founding member of the band who has enjoyed the top end of the musical genius chart for decades now (and most recently collaborated with Daft Punk), had already said about Chic “We sort of knew we were a hit machine even before we got signed”.

If this kind of swagger isn’t enough to convince you to give it a listen, then just listen to him describe the context behind the making of the song. The chorus of the song revolves around “Ahh, Freak out!”. Apparently the band, despite being amongst the greatest producers of the disco era, were denied entry into New York’s exclusive Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve, and the song was magically conceived after this rejection. According to Rodgers, in response they stocked up on booze, headed to his apartment and started jamming, where the riff was created but with the line “Ahhhhh, Fuck off!”, aimed at the bouncers, and it went from there. Incredible!

So the next time you don’t make it into the discoteca, take a leaf out of Chic’s book and create a classic. And tell The Music Brewery about it first!


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