The Reason You Should Know About Macklemore

Everybody knows Macklemore primarily off the back of his hugely successful debut album The Heist but personally the majority of people of have missed his greatest song, “Otherside”

Macklemore is well known for his story telling abilities, in such songs as “Wings” and “Starting Over” (my favourite from The Heist) but his best most is definitely in his most defining song “Otherside that deals with his Codeine addiction. Codeine is a drug often found within certain cough syrups and is known to be highly addictive and dangerous, it has claimed many lives through this addiction, for example Pimp C died from his addiction and many people are linking Lil Wayne’s recent seizures are due to this often referred to as lean. It is clearly a big thing in hip hop with many many artists still partaking in sipping lean.

I’m not here to say whether it’s right or wrong but what it has done was to spark Macklemore into making this song “Otherside”. The song samples The Red Hot Chilli Peppers song of the same name “Otherside” and it is immense, better than the original? Without a doubt. The lyrics put forward but Macklemore not only describe the feelings associated with lean but also his addiction to it and how it affected him.

Overall it is an extremely emotional and powerful song that Macklemore should be known for not joke songs such as “Thrift Shop”.

Will S x

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