A Massive Future Garage Hit! Applebottom – ‘Acting Kool’

Hello All,
Today we have something brand new for you. Applebottom hails from the deepest, darkest South of the UK near Bristol and is a huge up and comer in the music scene both there and UK over. I actually saw him doing a amazing set in London last year and his name slightly passed me by, sadly it was one of those situations where you see 6 different artists and then can only remember the last one! But I have been following him in recent months and thanks to Annie Mac this has come on my radar…and I think it should be on yours too!
‘Acting Kool’ is his new offering. Now any of you who are fans of garage will adore this. Its filled with appealing and classic notes, lifts and rises that make garage so appealing still today. This banging track is already flooding the underground club scene and I’m sure will be making it to more mainstream clubs in the near future. With Applebottom I’m a huge fan of the builds and falls of the main underlying beat, twinned with the serious vocals makes a really upbeat and jamming track.
His back catalogue is equally as impressive with some massive tracks much as Sex Drugs Cash and Someone. Give this young and exciting artist a crack…if you are a fan of well made music that keeps you coming back for more then here you go!
Acting Kool
Sex Drugs Cash

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