Ryan Adams – 14th Album In 14 Years

Oh looks it's what's his name!? I've got his album, it's great ahh what's it called?
Oh looks it’s what’s his name!? I’ve got his album, it’s great ahh what’s it called?

Not the snappiest album title is it? Well that’s because it’s not. Ryan Adams will next week release, what is incredibly, his 14th album in as many years and has gone for the good ol’ trusted self-titled album. The self-titled album is usually the début album favourite for most acts – only Adams isn’t most acts so this comes as no surprise to me.

The former Whiskeytown front-man has often cut a troubled figure throughout his hectic career, at various points Adams, 39, has fought alcoholism, illness and problematic relationships but still managed to prolifically produce albums. After fighting off his demons, three years since his last release Ashes & Fire, Adams is back with one of his best since his first two solo albums Heartbreaker and Gold. Dark and deeply personal, as you would expect from a self-titled album, heart-wrenching lyrics and pained guitar twangs weave through the record.

Of the 11 tracks on the album the one that stuck out to me was Kim.

Kim opens with haunting jangly guitar, rising and falling, and Adams forlorn tones – beautiful but full of anger and sadness. Adams’ distressed vocals paint a picture “As the autumn leaves began to fall, walking down the street where you and I would walk. I see him, Kim.” Easily the most atmospheric track on the album as it builds to a climax with drum beats leading the way, powerful stomps and crashing cymbals littered throughout with bending riffs and Adams’ powerful wails. Truly magnificent and I’m even more excited to see him later this month now.

Listen to the full album here courtesy of The Guardian before it’s release on Monday! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


CW x

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