TBT Take 2 – The White Stripes

So the 2nd TBT track of the day comes from a decade after my fellow editors excellent choice. Now the ‘noughties’ were a strange stage for music. With ears of the UK’s youth being battered by acts such as TATU, Steps and S Club 7. But in amongst all the shite a few glimmers of hope and joy could be found in the form of releases from The White Stripes.

Now usually this wouldn’t be my normal choice of music. But when thinking back to being at school and listening to music over and over again, I think of Seven Nation Army. And even today this song still has the same impact of people that it did 11 years ago when it was released. You can hear the classic drum chant at football matches, rugby matches, when the lights come on in clubs and not forgetting drunken chants down the street after a night out.

The hypnotic drum beat twinned with Jack Whites rocking guitar solos and riff make the song unique and timeless. Although from face value the song seems simplistic in its beat, in reality its monumentally dynamic. I love the anger and the defiance of the song shown in these lyrics “I’m gonna fight’em off / A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back”. The lyrics keep you locked into the track throughout and the clashing symbols and sliding guitar notes drag you to and from chorus to verse.

I have to agree with Rolling Stone and NME that this is the greatest riff of the decade…even one of the greatest riff’s ever?

What do you think?




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