HAIM – “My Song 5 feat. A$AP Ferg”

This tune from HAIM has been around for a minute, the original was off their number 1 debut album, Days Are Gone. It is a thumping anthem that is slightly more experimental and heavier than the rest of the album, this plays into A$AP Fergy Ferg’s hands excellently.

The booming, kickass beat and guitar riffs are epic that genuinely does feel like a proper anthem. Ferg joins the party and take this from being a good song into a monstrous beast of a track, his signature high energy, high pitched rap style is a revelation for the “My Song 5” and really brings it all together.

The video is one of the best in recent times, ridiculous camoes from Ke$ha, Big Sean and Artemis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, all appear in a fictional tv show, think Jeremy Kyle or Trisha or whatever, and all have some straight up crazy shit going on.

Any way check it out great tune! MASTER BRUCE!!!!!!!!

Will S x

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